“Death has forgotten me”, a man of 179 years old said (India)

oldest-man-Pic credit-India.com

My grandchildren have died there years. Somehow , death has forgotten me . ” El Indio shoemaker Mahashta Mûrasi says he was born in January 1835, he is not only the oldest man in the world but it is the man who lived more years throughout human history, according to Guinness World Records.

Indian officials say that man is born in a house in Bangalore January 6, 1835 . From 1903 , he lived in Varanasi, where he worked until 1957 , until his retirement at the age of 122 .


“I live as long as the children of my grandchildren who died there a few years ago ,” said Mûrasi .

” In a way , death forgotten me . And now, we have no hope.”

” Looking at the statistics , we do not die more than 150 years , let alone 170. At this point, I think I am immortal or something,” he has said.

According WorldNewsDailyReport.com all documents identifying the man support his version . But , to date, no medical examination confirmed the veracity of his allegations.

The ultimate professional who visited Mûrasi died in 1971 , so there is little information about your medical history.



  1. This story is a hoax..the news paper the first published it has a disclaimer stating that it is not a real story. Read the fine print. But it’s getting the attention they wanted that’s the good news.

  2. GOD ADD MORE DAYS TO MY LIFE…..AND MY CHILDREN S LIVES…AND MY HUSBAND S LIFE….too many to mention….#sisters and brothers….

  3. God still love for the good thing you did when were young. I wish l can reach that age…. nakumbwa….

  4. The bible records shows that there people who lived upto 999yrs so 179 is not a shock to me

  5. Today’s life expectancy has fallen even below 79yrs which is on top of the 100yrs he has lived! Amazing!

  6. the man has lived through three centuries….he must know a lot! i wouldve loved to meet him.