Woman wants cheating husband back

Divorce Court

A LUSAKA WOMAN stunned the Chawama Local Court when she pleaded to be reconciled with her husband whom among other things she caught having sex with another woman in his car.
Christabel Mwango told the court that when she asked her husband why he was having sex with the woman, he instead asked her to pay the woman who demanded to be paid for her services.
“When the women threatened not to leave until she was paid, my husband asked me to pay her,” she complained.
This was heard before senior court magistrate Sera Nyendwa in a case in which Moses Lukano sued Mwango for divorce. The couple got married in 2009 and has a child together.

Mwango further told the court that her husband, Lukano also has several children outside marriage.
“Women fight for him. He even impregnated two friends who are now at loggerhead,” she said.
She also said Lukuno’s love for sex even led him to attempt defiling a 14-year-old girl, who was under their custody.
With this revelation, the court wondered why Mwango still wanted to be with such a man who was even a danger to his own daughter.
Mwango further said she has never been happy in her marriage of five years. In their early days of marriage, Lukuno even told her, he was in love with another woman.
In his testimony, Lukuno told the court that he wanted their marriage dissolved because he has never had peace.

“My wife’s behaviour is bad. She doesn’t cook nor give me bathing water. She is talkative and has no respect for me,” he said.
Lukuno also accused his wife of being a thief as she steals office money he keeps at their home.
“There was a time she stole K4, 000 using my ATM at the bank and I caught her through CCTV,” he said.
Lukuno also told the court that he tried empowering Mwango by giving her K5, 000 to start a business but she rejected it saying she wanted K10, 000.
He also complained of Mwango’s excessive beer drinking and her coming home at awkward hours.

“I usually open the door for her after her drinking sprees around 01:00 hours,” Lukuno said.
But Mwango said her husband is the one that has been encouraging her to drink. “Are you not the one who takes me out to drink in bars and sometimes leave me there? She asked.
Passing judgment, the court dissolved their marriage citing lack of peace, respect and excessive drinking.
Lukuno was ordered to compensate his wife with K6, 000 starting with an initial payment of 1,000 followed by 500.
He was also ordered to be paying child support of K350.

MUNIDE ZULU – Zambia Daily Mail