UPND irked by Mumbi Phiri’s “ba kachema” remark

Mumbi Phiri
Mumbi Phiri

The opposition UPND has described as unfortunate remarks attributed to PF Deputy Secretary General Mumbi Phiri in which she has been quoted to have urged Zambians not to vote for “ba kachema” to mean animal headers in an apparent reference to the UPND.
The opposition UPND says it has also taken note that the same remarks were allegedly uttered by President Edgar Lungu during a rally of the Chawama Parliamentary by-election but that it finds such remarks to be worse than xenophobia.
In a statement to Qfm News UPND Chairperson for Information and Publicity Charles Kakoma thinks that Ms. Phiri’s apparent derogation was however aimed at majority Zambians that earn a living by raring livestock.

Mr. Kakoma has explained that his party’s concern is not so much the word “bakachema” but the inherent discrimination against what the ruling PF allegedly considers as are low class citizens in the country.
He states that from the PF Deputy Secretary and her party message, it is wrong for marketeers, toilet cleaners, fishermen, bus conductors, janitor, kaponyas and many other blue-collar jobholders and their children to aspire higher in life.
The UPND Chairperson for Information and Publicity says it is thus now clear for all to see that even when President Lungu and his government claim to be fighting discrimination, they are at the same time openly promoting it.
He notes that this on the other hand makes the whole motto of ‘one Zambia one Nation’ meaningless and a sham.
Mr. Kakoma says UPND is not shy to say agriculture, which includes livestock raring, will be one of the engines of our economic agenda that will reduce hunger and poverty and reduce the cost of living for the people and create decent jobs and wealth through value addition.