Referendum a must; PF might not last- WFC

Lumba Siyanga
Lumba Siyanga

Women for Change (WFC) says Zambia’s constitution should be adopted through a referendum because there is no guarantee the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) will remain in power after 2016.
Executive Director Lumba Siyanga says her organization fears that the country and women in particular will lose out from the progressive provisions in the final draft constitution if a new government emerges after 2016 and begin to implement its own changes.
Ms. Siyanga notes that the PF government has already set a precedent to this effect when it rejected the work of the National Constitutional Conference (NCC) initiated by the previous MMD government.

She has explained to Qfm News in an interview that this is why her organization which is also a member of the Grand Coalition on the People Driven Constitution does not support government’s proposal to adopt the Bill of Rights through a referendum separately from other provisions of the final draft constitution.
Ms Siyanga says Women for Change’s particular concern is that the PF government has not even produced a proper road map to conclude the current constitution making process.
She states that her organization firmly stands by the Grand Coalition’s position that Zambia’s new constitution must be adopted through a national referendum before the 2016 general election.