Irresponsible, heartless, evil. Hypocritical of PF to impose Dora Siliya on Petauke – OYV

Dora Siliya
Dora Siliya

Operation Young Vote (OYV) says there is no justification whatsoever for the ruling Patriotic Front to impose Dora Siliya on the people of Petauke following her rejection in the primary election adoption process.

OYV Executive Director Guess Nyirenda in a statement says it makes very sad and vexing reading the kind of politics the people of Petauke particularly and Zambians generally are being subjected to by the Patriotic Front (PF).


Mr Nyirenda says firstly it is irresponsible, heartless and evil for the PF to have petitioned Ms Siliya’s election victory in 2011 and subjected people of Petauke to go for more than two (2) years without a representative in Parliament, and wanting to see a “powerful” candidate in her today.

He recalls that the PF went further and fought tooth and nail, Ms Siliya’s bid to re-contest her seat on the opposition Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD).

Mr Nyirenda says it’s beyond being hypocritical for the PF today to decide to impose Ms Siliya on the people of Petauke just to waste another close to K7 million kwacha for an election.

He adds that if Ms Siliya is really genuine on her joining the PF, she should be ready to be an ordinary member and campaign for Mr. Daka or Mr. Banda who beat her in the primary election for adoption by 11 and 10 votes respectively against her 4 votes.


Mr Nyirenda says if Ms Siliya is not asked to throw her weight behind either Mr. Daka or Mr. Banda, this will entail continued frustration of genuine, committed, hardworking and dedicated members of the PF a situation that may lead to them voting for the candidates from other political parties compromising the chances of PF winning the election and generally loosing popularity.

He says OYV appeals to the morality and conscience of the PF leadership to rejected being put to test and taken for granted, by allowing Ms Siliya to be an ordinary PF member so that she supports the PF locally preferred candidate.