Did Kambwili apologize for calling President Lungu names before elections?-MMD

Chief Government Spokesperson Chishimba Kambwili
Chief Government Spokesperson Chishimba Kambwili

We find the recent statements by Information and Broadcasting Minister Chishimba Kambwili in bad taste and against the spirit of national building.
As Chief Government Spokesman, Mr Kambwili should be reminded that he holds a very strategic position in the nation and therefore should be very careful with his utterances.
His anti-Dora Siliya stance has exposed Mr Kambwili’s lack of leadership and his narrow view of politics. By continuously issuing disparaging remarks against Ms. Siliya, Mr Kambwili has managed to demonstrate his selfish and hypocritical stance on national issues.


By threatening to sell his soul to the devil, Mr Kambwili who vehemently claims to have been a loyal student of late President Michael Sata has gone against Mr Sata’s very principles and values.
President Sata always stood for reconciliation and forgiveness throughout his long political life.
His reconciliation with late President Levy Mwanawasa was well documented and well received. He also went on to reconcile with late Willie Nsanda, Sylvia Masebo and several of his at one time political adversaries.
Who then is Mr Kambwili to start issuing conditions to Ms Siliya before she could be embraced in the PF?
Mr Kambwili has also abused his position to issue distasteful statements against Mr Sunday Chanda, a key member of the PF Media Team.
As MMD youths, we want to warn irresponsible politicians like Mr Kambwili that they should not use young and emerging politicians like Mr Chanda only when it suits them.


We find it laughable that Mr Kambwili can today question the existence of Mr Chanda in the PF when he fully remembers the role that Mr Chanda, Brian Hapunda, Emmanuel Mwamba and many unsung heroes in the PF played to ensure that President Edgar Chagwa Lungu assumed office.
Mr Chanda along with several other young politicians stood by Mr Lungu’s through his many trials and tribulations when the likes of Mr Kambwili’s vowed that he will not stand on the PF ticket in the January 20 presidential election.
There is video and audio evidence of Mr Kambwili calling Mr Lungu all sorts of names prior to the election. What is however missing is evidence of Mr Kambwili apologising to the PF in general and President Lungu in particular over his diabolical conduct weeks before January 20 2015.
Our stance as MMD youths is that Ms Siliya just like any other politician has the right to belong to any political party of her choice without Mr Kambwili’s approval.

We will also not take kindly to the trend by the likes of Mr Kambwili to unfairly attack and harass young politicians in the manner he wants to do to Mr Chanda.
Mr Kambwili should be reminded that as young politicians, we stand together beyond partisan lines in the defence of our democracy. If one of us is attacked, it essentially means that all of us as young politicians have been assaulted and we shall rise to defend our role in Zambia’s politics.
Every Zambian knows that Ms. Siliya brings a lot of value to Zambian politics than what Mr Kambwili ever will and we therefore appeal to him to use his time in Eastern Province this week to reflect on his outbursts and tone down for the sake of national building.

Contact: Bowman Lusambo
National Youth Secretary
Phone: 0953 087381


  1. Ninakamba ine last week when our beloved(lol) information Minister Kambwili was edging the Diva Dora nati ninga beve benzo tukana ba Lungu last year during jubilee celebrations just because he didn’t shake his hands. You r even lucky Mr Kambwili that you were maintained as Cabinet Minister otherwise hehehehehe