Dogs bit private parts of 43 year old Serenje Man


A 43 year old man of Serenje district in Central province is nursing serious wounds after dogs bit his private parts.


Geoffrey Mwansa who is admitted to the male ward of Serenje district hospital told ZANIS from his hospital bed that he was bitten by three Boer bull dogs in Luombwa farming block where he had gone to visit his relatives.


Mr Mwansa said the incident happened on Saturday around 16:00 hours when he was passing through Luombwa main road on Jean Sheriff’s farm when a white woman who was with the dogs released them.


He explained that the dogs bit him on his private parts and on the left leg.


He said after he was attacked by the beasts, he asked the white woman to take him to the hospital but she refused accusing him of trespassing on her farm.


Mr Mwansa who is a bricklayer from Zambia compound in Serenje district has however described the white woman as stubborn and has appealed to government and law enforcement agencies to ensure she is brought to book.


He said because of the injuries he sustained, he is unable to work to feed his family.


And Serenje District Hospital Medical Officer David Sutinaken said Mr Mwansa’s condition is stable but that the injuries he sustained are dangerous especially that he does not know whether the dogs are vaccinated against rabbis or not.


Dr Sutinaken has also appealed to the owners of the dogs to assist victims acquire anti rabies vaccines if their dogs are not vaccinated so that lives of victims can be saved.


Meanwhile, Serenje District Veterinary Officer Dr Brain Hacamba has advised dog owners to ensure rabies vaccination status of their dogs is valid because rabies in Serenje district is endemic.


Dr Hacamba has also called on dog owners to ensure their dogs are confined or tired during the day to prevent unnecessary dog bites.