‘991’ toll free service now available-Zambia Police


The Zambia Police Service wishes to inform the general public especially in Lusaka that the toll free line 991 is active and can be accessed by any person that is in need of emergency help.
For a long time now, members of the public have had difficulties in getting through to the toll free line. Our technical department has being working round the clock to sort out this problem.


Currently, we have embarked on a pilot project to decentralize the toll free line in Lusaka and to begin with, we have installed digital phones in ten (10) police stations namely:- Lusaka Central, Woodlands, Kabwata, Chilenje, Kanyama, Chelstone, Matero, Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe, Kabangwe Police Post and Chilenje.
We would like to urge members of the public that through the cordial working relationship between our technical department and Zamtel, all subscribers of Zamtel mobile who will dial 991 depending on the location the subscriber will be, the call will go to the nearest Police Station were the caller is calling from. This may however be affected by the strength of the network signal.
We also would like to advise members of the public that though the line is commonly referred to as toll free, this is infact a reversed call charged to the Zambia Police Service. As such, we want to warn members of the public who are in the tendency of abusing this facility that with the installation of the digital phones at our ten pilot projects at the various Police Stations, we are now able to easily trace any caller abusing this facility. In the same vein we will not take kindly anybody calling just for the sake of calling and saying such things as “I am just testing if this is working”. We are appealing to the general public to only call when they are in need of Police help.
The Zambia Police Service has also engaged the other two (2) mobile providers (Airtel and MTN) so that they too can reconfigure the systems so as to enable their subscribers to be calling the Police Stations near to them by using toll free line 991 in cases of emergencies.
Rae Hamoonga