$2.4m spent on tourism marketing


GOVERNMENT is currently spending US$2.4 million to market Zambia’s tourism sector on the international market.
Tourism and Arts Permanent Secretary Stephen Mwansa said the money, which the country spent to market the tourism sector on the international market, was less than $ 13 million which Zimbabwe was spending.
Mr Mwansa said South Africa was also spending $ 180 million to market the tourism sector on the international market.
He said the Government was doing a lot in ensuring that the Zambia’s tourism sector was marketed internationally.

He said Government had also done a lot to market Mfuwe which hosted the famous Luangwa South National Park.
“We are currently spending US$ 2.4 million to market Zambia’s tourism on the international market, Zimbabwe is spending US$ 13 million and South Africa is spending US$ 180 million. So as the Government we are doing a lot,”Mr Mwansa said.
He said there was need for the private sector players in the country to appreciate the role which the Government was playing in marketing the country’s tourism.
Hotel Catering, Tourism and Allied Workers Union of Zambia regional secretary Zephaniah Kaleya accused the Government of not doing enough to market Zambia’s tourism sector on the international market.

Mr Kaleya said areas like Mfuwe which had so much to offer in terms of tourism were not being given enough publicity stating that marketing of Zambia’s tourism had concentrated on Livingstone.
He said while Zambia was struggling to record one million tourist arrivals per year, other countries recorded such figures within months.
He said it was sad that Government was failing to take advantage of the confusion that had rocked some countries in West Africa to woo tourists to Zambia, which was a peaceful country.
Mr Kaleya has challenged foreign tour operators in Mfuwe to ensure that they use local radio stations to market themselves.