In everything, God comes first-HH

HH at church
HH at church

United Party for National Development President, Hakainde Hichilema has said it is important to put God first in everything.

This is despite the media being awash with stories of Hichilema being labelled a “satanist”.

Hichilema says, “Had a wonderful church program on Sunday in Chongwe. It is always important to know that in everything we do, the Almighty God comes first. We are always encouraged with the wise counsel, prayers, and blessings we received from men and women of God. This is the only way we believe the country will forever remain united,” he wrote on Facebook.


  1. SDAs are Christians so are Catholics, come on what’s the beef. God does not chose who to receive salvation, Jews or Gentiles all are God’s pipo

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