Battered wife keeps hubby from Police

Judge Mallet; Hammer
Judge Mallet; Hammer

THE woman, who was physically abused by her husband in Ndola recently has declined to report the matter to the Police insisting that the incident was misunderstood and she is happy with her marriage.
Grace Kapele, 34, was last week beaten by Kasongeja Malipilo who locked her in the former African Commercial Bank building along Kabelenga Avenue.

Ms Kapele was confined to the building opposite Times of Zambia offices for a week with a swollen face and eyes, while Mr Malipilo confiscated her mobile phones.
She yelled for help to catch public attention and passersby informed police of the matter after which she was rescued.
Ms Kapele sobbingly narrated her ordeal to the Times after she was rescued.
But Copperbelt deputy Police chief, Byemba Musole said in an interview yesterday that Ms Kapele did not press charges against Mr Malipilo as the incident was a misunderstanding and was enjoying a happy marriage.

“Ms Kapele has refused to report the matter to the Police despite being issued a medical report from the hospital. She says she is happy with the marriage and what happened was just misunderstood by the public,” Mr Musole said.

Meanwhile, Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA) Copperbelt regional coordinator Sharon Chisenga has advised victims of gender based violence to report matters of such nature to the Police.
Ms Chisenga said in a separate interview that the torture of women was against the law and perpetrators of the vice must be brought to book.



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