The Tribunal will embarrass the President, people will be undressed-Tayali

Chilufya Tayali
Chilufya Tayali

Chilufya Tayali, says the tribunal will be an embarrassment to the President and the justice system as they were fully aware of  Mutembo’s actions .

Tayali wrote, ” From our point of view this Tribunal will be an embarrassment to the President and our justice system. Certain things that will come out, will undress a number of people because Mutembo must have done things with their knowledge. Inspite of change of Presidency, it is the same PF government and no PF member can escape from the responsibility for the wrongs done during Sata’ rule. We shall see them for they are”


“President Edgar Lungu could better to just stop this Tribunal and swallow the bitter political pill of having been misled and have Mutembo Nchito continue as DPP and let the law takes its course on some of his sponsors who are facing corruption charges. Mutembo Nchito should also dance to the law on his loan from DBZ, that way justice would have been done and President Lungu would be our darling,” he added.
“We need to respect the constitution and promote good governance by ensuring that there is separation of powers. Zambian Voice we will not blink or fear, or shy away to point out injustice wherever it shows it’s face without bias. We will also admonish taints of bad governance at all costs, because Zambia belongs to the citizens and not a few corrupt elements.
Mutembo Nchito is the DPP, given to us by the PF government, whether we like him or not, and if he has to be removed bring clear cases not fake ones as said my the official complainant of this tribunal Mr. Brebner Changala,” says Tayali.


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