My wife is abusive, she is not happy with my salary

Judge Mallet; Hammer
Judge Mallet; Hammer

A 32-YEAR-OLD man of Lilanda township vowed in the Matero Local Court not to reconcile with his wife of 12 years because she was abusive.
Giving a statement before Senior Court Magistrate Lewis Mumba, Elijah Banda said Yvonne Banda, 33, also a resident of Lilanda township is a very talkative and proud woman who does not appreciate the sacrifices he makes for her and his family.

“My wife is a very proud woman, she likes to talk and boast a lot. She is not content with my monthly pay, I once bought her a mobile phone as a gift but she threw it away saying it was too cheap for her to use.
“I have tolerated this woman for a long time; I cannot continue in this marriage, I am really fed up. Yvonne does not appreciate me as a husband, I want a divorce,” he said.
Banda said since they got married in 2003, Yvonne has been a problem and elders from both his and her family have sat them down to help solve their marital disputes but it has been in vain.
“We have been on separation for the past three months and if we divorce I can take care of my children because I am currently looking after them,” he said.
However, Yvonne, a mother of two, pleaded with the court not to grant divorce because she loves her husband very much.

“We once went on separation for one year and seven months, our children suffered. Banda is my husband and I need him so that we raise our children together,” she said.
Yvonne told the court that Banda is being influenced to divorce her by his older brother who has a tendency of breaking up marriages.
“Banda doesn’t know how to solve marital problems with his partner; he likes to discuss our problems with other people especially his friends,”she said.
Yvonne walked to her husband and begged him to forgive her and reconcile with her as she was willing to change her ways.
Banda rejected her plea saying his decision was final.
Passing Judgement, Magistrate Mumba granted the couple divorce. Banda was ordered to pay Yvonne K12,000 as compensation.- ZNBC


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