Women stop being naive, prophets & pastors won’t solve your problems

Man Of God - Pastor, priest
Man Of God - Pastor, priest

“ I went for prayers for the first after my friend advised me to try and get help. I went there several times and began to trust the prophet. He seemed to understand my problems. He spoke in tongues and would give me holy water. One day when l was absorbed in prayer he pushed me to the floor and raped me. I struggled to free myself but he overpowered me,”. This is a painful reconstruction of events by a woman who was raped by a prophet.

Not a day goes by without a report of a woman being sexually harassed by self proclaimed prophets – who are now a dime a dozen.

Despite reading and hearing stories about many victims who fall prey to these false prophets, many women still throng these healers’ shrines in pursuit of spiritual healing.

This has raised the question: are women so naive that they continue to seek help from these charlatans masquerading as prophets despite all the information at their disposal?

Many have been raped while seeking help for various problems, from barrenness, joblessness, marital problems and bad luck among others.


Cases about healers that allegedly administer herbs inside women’s sexual organs all in the name of healing, with the cunning ones going as far as using their sexual organs too, as they often claim, to “push the medicine inside”, are now very common.

And the women are threatened with all manner of afflictions if they squeal: you will go mad, you will lose your child, I will unleash evil spirits upon you, you will suffer a nervous breakdown, and the list is endless.

Recently, there were reports that a prophet, Emmanuel Domeka from Kitwe drugged and defiled a fellow villager’s wife puporting to be casting away evil spirits bedevilling her family.

Another shocking one was about a Ghananian man known as King Elijah ministering at a church in Zambia who raped a juvenile in the guise of counseling her.

According to statistics from Zambia Police VSU estimate 7, 935 cases of defilement abd 1,284 cases of rape were reported between 206-2011.

The sudden increase in ferocious wolfish “Christians”, who are gleefully devouring innocent women and girls whose only crime is seeking help for the many afflictions is highly disturbing.

While discussing this subject with my friend, she said, “As shocking as it maybe, women are being raped by false prophets, you know at times people reach a desperate point in life that is why they end up turning to these evil people,”

“At times, when women are having marital problems they tend to pour out their hearts to church elders who are supposed to take the counselling role. However, when these prophets learn the weakness of the spouse, they take advantage,” she added.

It’s high time women stop being naïve and trusting people who hide behind the word of God.


I believe these cases can be avoided because the moment one is given an ungodly instruction like being asked to remove clothes, they should immediately leave than to entertain the prophet or the pastor.

Yes, most of the times, people out of desperation, go for miracles and wonders without checking if they are done in accordance with God’s way. People stop thinking and pin their hope on prophets.

However, there is infallible proof that could protect women from the wiles and deceptions of false prophets, though they may claim to be the greatest Christians the world has ever seen.

In the book of apostle Paul, it is stated that there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, and the man is Christ Jesus.


Christians point to the Biblical verse: “Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves.”

As new churches sprout every day, throughout the country, so too do these self-appointed holy men.

The mushrooming of many churches has ushered in leaders that are power-hungry and declare themselves to be gods in their circles of worship and hence many engage in false prophecy.

Women should open their eyes and know that, there is no deliverance that is done through sex. They must not deify clergymen to the extend of not being cautious of what is happening around them in church. They must maintain responsibility for their own safety to avoid being victims of this kind of abuse.

  •  The writer writes in her own capacity

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  1. The major problem with our dear women is their ‘love’ always want to live a luxurious life;they consider them as holy and a true mouth piece of our God Jehovah. Despite of not working for it. The Bible clearly tells us that you will eat from your sweat until you return to the ground (Genesis 3:19).On the other side, it is also clearly that pastors or prophets need money, job, true love ( they is no love in their homes, too!) And they are also not immune to illness, stress and many problems that has fallen on human beings today. Read Matthew 7:21-23

  2. That’s wat u deseve pantu some woman tamumfwa,cnt u open yo eyez. Was Jesus giving holy water sure mwe bantu???? Satan is not a human being.Cn use wat ever to corrupt pipo.eg ifyama prophet.

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