Saboi urges women to support Ruth Sakala,Tayali’s alleged rape victim

Saboi Imboela
Saboi Imboela

Zambia songstress, Saboi Imboela has called women to support Ruth Sakala, Chilufya Tayali’ s alleged rape victim.

She wrote on her Facebook page, “We live in a society where people are so ready to defend the evil/ wrong doer than the victim, where reporting crime is a crime than the crime reported. I would like to urge all right thinking members of the public, especially women, to support Ruth Sakala, Chilufya Tayali’s alleged rape victim,”


“Just because he is a public figure and she is a ‘no one’, doesn’t give him the right to mobilise support on social media and paint the woman black. If he is innocent I pray that he is acquited coz no innocent person deserves to go to jail wrongfully, but if he’s guilty, may justice prevail for the sake of the woman. Just becoz they knew each other didn’t make it right for him to have done what he allegedly did to her. Let’s respect the dignity of all women and rid our society of all forms of Gender Based Violence,” she added.


In retaliation, Chilufya Tayali’  wrote back, “Saboi Imboela your comments are rather prejudice, but I give you the benefit of doubt hoping that this is not just your huge appetite to throw as many men in prison as possible. Since you threw your own ex-husband and father to your child in Prison and maybe, just maybe, your anger has not been quenched. I urge you to do an introspection,” he said.


  1. He raped her all the way at Barn Motel. She even went with him to the hotel room. What the hell did she expect when she followed him to the room – to watch a movie?

  2. And she ugly this woman, thank god for free education in zambia and chinese make up and clothes, alemonekeko bwino. Tapaba natural beauty!!

  3. The case is in court so what help are u referring to. At the end of the day u will need to settle have a family not this fighting men. Not all men are bad.

  4. Saboi takwata amano. The 2 r lovers full stop, tell saboi to mind her failed marriage, she is used to sending men to jail, she is a desperate woman

  5. That’s no rape at all, its only that the boy friend learnt of the encounter because his friend saw Ruth and Tayali at barn motel.