Gabon Families Shower Kalu’s Delegation with Unpleasantries

Gabon Tragedy

The fragile peace that usually characterize the Gabon Memorial annually with the family bemoaning the diminished representation of government and also the distant participation by FAZ popped up with verbal bombs thrown at the FAZ delegation during the ceremony organized by soccer fans and the family.
As family spokesperson Martin Mutale, brother of late national team striker Kelvin let out the families’ plea for a more respectful and befitting events matters spilled out of hands with some attendees screaming bebe bakabolala (tell the thieves) in apparent reference to the FAZ delegation that had their heads heavily drooped.
Fans that attempted to rebut the taunts had the unwelcome experience of being shouted down, “Umadya nabeve balalya sana ulupiya bakabolala aba (you eat with them, these thieves eat a lot of money).
The families said they were disappointed with the way the surroundings were kept.
Mutale said that the event could be better organized had those in authority cared enough.
The FAZ delegation led by Kalusha Bwalya who came an hour after the event organized by the fans and family had started.
Bwalya and his acolytes stayed clear of the event and stepped up to lay wreaths after the event had finished.
Other notables within the vicinity were administrator and business magnate Andrew Kamanga and former FAZ president Simataa Simataa.