Authorities confiscate food with Chinese labels


A COMBINED team of police officers and health inspectors from Kalulushi Municipal Council (KMC) on Wednesday swung into action, confiscating goods suspected to be hazardous to health.
The raid was conducted in Chambeshi at Zhong Kuang Zambia Services Limited, a super-market owned by entrepreneurs of Chinese origin.
KMC spokesperson Beauty Undi said the confiscated foodstuffs were imported into the country from Mozambique.
“We found a lot of foodstuffs labeled in Chinese. According to the Zambian law, all foodstuffs on the market should be labeled in a language which everyone understands, which is English,” Ms Undi said.
She said it was difficult for one to identify the kind of food they were buying and to detect possible health hazards if it was labeled in an unfamiliar language.
Ms Undi said KMC will not relent in enforcing section 303 of the Food and Drug Act against anyone who will fail to comply with the law.
“We took it upon ourselves as the council to ensure that we clean up our town. This is something we have been doing in our district,” she said.
Meanwhile, the local authority in Kalulushi has impounded a truck that was being used to sell opaque beer known as Shake Shake to underage children on the Kitwe-Chingola road.
Ms Undi warned that the local authority will not allow a situation where children were exposed to intoxicating beverages.