Visual impaired pedestrian killed in Luampa District

16th 2013 - Chibombo accident 20130717_041406
16th July 2013 - Chibombo accident 20130717 -

A truck yesterday killed a 68 years- old pedestrian after it knocked him down in Luampa district..

The incident occurred around 16:00 hours on Monday at Luampa Market.

Luampa Mission Hospital Executive Director Sanki Chihinga who confirmed the incident to ZANIS in an interview, today.

He identified the deceased Morris Kakoma of Kamungwa Village in Chief Mwenetete’s area.

Mr Chihinga said Kakoma who was visually impaired suffered major injuries after being hit by the truck and died from his injuries before he arrived at the hospital.

“It seems they delayed to bring the man to the hospital, otherwise his life could have been saved,” he said.
And Luampa Police sources identified the driver of the Benz truck registration number AAK 71 as Mathias Mwale from Socotela Construction Company.

They said that Mwale was trying to reverse when he hit Kakoma who was standing on the side of the road.

The driver is in police custody.-Zanis