ZNWL, Beauty Katebe condemns sex workers

The Zambia National Women Lobby (ZNWL) Chairperson Beauty Katebe
The Zambia National Women Lobby (ZNWL) Chairperson Beauty Katebe

The Zambia National Women Lobby (ZNWL) has condemned the move by some former commercial sex workers under the Thasinta Reform Programme in Mkushi district for shunning skills training in preference for prostitution.

ZNWL Board Chairperson, Beauty Katebe said it is wrong for the some former commercial sex workers to abandon the skills which they were being empowered with and get back into immoral activities.

Speaking in an interview with ZANIS, in Lusaka today, Ms. Katebe said it was unfortunate and irresponsible  that a woman can think of getting quick money through prostitution instead of engaging in tangible business ventures to earn a living.


Ms Katebe stated that the sex workers who were being reformed and empowered by Thasinta should consider themselves lucky to have an organisation that can engage them in decent ways of generating income.

She pointed out that the tendency by some sex workers to not willing abandon prostitution and engage in other alternative income generating activities can have negative impact on the efforts being made by both government and stakeholders in combating the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

“These women should know that they have families that look up to them for survival hence they should look after themselves well because many people have died from HIV/AIDS leaving children suffering, “Ms Katebe said.

She has since called on all sex workers to venture into decent business activities and also take advantage of the empowerment programmes being given to them than engaging in illicit behaviours that endanger their lives.