#XenophobicSA: Zulu King Still Won’t Apologise


Zulu King Goodwill Zwelithini continued to stand by his words as he addressed a crowd at the Moses Mabhida stadium.

Zwelithini is seen by many as having set off the latest wave of attacks on foreign African nationals after it emerged he had said foreigners should leave,

In his speech on Monday,  he invited an investigation from the Human Rights Commission. Zwelithini also called on the media to be investigated, stills ticking to his position that his statements were taken out of context.

Eerily, Zwelithini said that if the Zulu had wanted war, South Africa would be up in flames.

Earlier on all officials not linked to Zwelithini were booed by the crowd. Essentially people who were not speaking Zulu.

While Zwelithini did say that South Africa should do all it can to make sure that atrocities like those in Rwanda would not take place in his country, it is his defiance which will embolden supporters of his some of whom were carrying traditional weapons at the venue.

We will give him credit for calling for the protection of foreigners. That is important.

Eight people have been confirmed dead in the time since the xenophobic attacks start.


Credit – Three Men On a Boat