Residents burn bus after 2 die in accident

Zambia Police in Riot gear
Zambia Police in Riot gear

A RIOT erupted on Saturday around 19:00 hours when a minibus knocked down two elderly people, who died on the spot five kilometres west of Lusaka on Mumbwa Road.
Angered by the accident, Kanyama residents closed the Mumbwa Road and rained stones and rocks on the minibus before setting it on fire.
The residents blocked the road for close to three hours, causing long queues of vehicles on both sides of the scene.
“We are so sad at this reckless killing of the two people. The driver was over-speeding and this is why we have lost innocent lives. It is really sad.
“Look at these poor souls lying motionless, I am really bitter and annoyed,” Michael Banda said pointing at the two victims.
Another eyewitness, Mary Mbewe, said the couple was bashed in a horrendous and despicable manner.

She called on the Road Transport and Safety Agency to start patrolling the Mumbwa Road, which she says has become a black spot after 18:00 hours as bus drivers have little or no regard for pedestrians.
Police managed to quench the riot after close to three hours.
When police arrived, they fired shots to disperse a defiant army of youths wielding stones and matchetes.
The scuffle was eventually diffused and peace returned around 22:00 hours.
Lusaka City Council firefighters arrived late at the scene only to find a shell of a minibus.
The bodies were taken to the University Teaching Hospital mortuary around 20:00 hours.
It was not immediately clear where the minibus driver was or if there were passengers on the bus.


BRIAN MALAMA- Zambia Daily Mail