Special assistant for corruption- Kaizer Zulu - Photo Credit
Kaizer Zulu - Photo Credit

President Edgar Lungu is one of the straight politicians in the ruling Patriotic Front (PF). Edgar Lungu was never implicated in any of the corruptions that were flying around during President Sata’s rule. He may have made certain biased decisions in the line of his work, on the instruction of the Principle, especially as a home affairs minister, but the man is clean.Having this record, he should not allow his legacy, as a President to be tainted by association. He should to renounce all those that smell corruption at all cost. He should not show any allegiance to corrupt people, rather he should align himself  the citizens who are looking up to him with hope to deliver them out of their poverty squalors.

The story of Kaiza Zulu has not started today especially among PF members. There are a number of PF members who have accused Kaiza of having corned them of money in exchange of favours. Among many PF members, Kaiza is known for asking money whenever they want him to do something. It is a pity that some of these people fear to come out.

If President Lungu wants, some of the names of people who have been heard complaining can be given to him directly.


Right now there are many PF members who are happy that Kaiza has been exposed. Unfortunately, this story might die down because Kaiza is in State House, like it has happened in the past with many others who orchestrated corruption before. It is always difficult to get evidence when people are at the helm of power.

However, President Lungu should not shield people from corruption or any other crime. He should let them face the due processes of investigations until they are cleared, then he can embrace them back. He has an opportunity to show that he does not tolerate corruption by relieving off Kaiza for a proper investigation to be done.

Subjecting people to a full process of the law is the best way of clearing them of speculations and accusations. It also gives credit to good governance and Presidency. You cannot have a person perceived to be corrupt in the eyes of the public moving around with the President. President Lungu need to act sooner than later. It is good for Kaiza as well.


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