Zuma calls for calm after xenophobic attacks

South Africans Entrenched in Xenophobic Violence
South Africans Entrenched in Xenophobic Violence

President Jacob Zuma called for calm on Wednesday after five people have died in xenophobic attacks in KwaZulu-Natal and as tensions began rising in Johannesburg.

“What is happening in our country is not acceptable,” Zuma said in a pre-recorded interview with SABC, broadcast on SAFM and rotated on the other public broadcaster’s channels’ news bulletins on Wednesday.

He also spoke on SABCs television bulletins.

“We condemn this that people are attacked and killed,” he said on the SAFM clip.

“‘We cannot accept that when there are challenges we use violence particularly to our brothers and sisters from the continent.

“Ï would like to convey my condolences to the victims and to those who have lost their loved ones. I think this now must stop because we cannot continue killing one another.

“We are calling for calm that we should solve these problems,” said Zuma. –Jenni Evans, News24