Delays to enact constitution saddens Council of Churches

Suzanne Matale
Suzanne Matale - left

The Council of Churches in Zambia (CCZ) says the continued procrastination by the PF government in fulfilling the promise to give the people of Zambia a new constitution is saddening.
The Church mother body which is opposed to the proposed piece meal amendments to the constitution has urged government to for once look at the issue of constitution making process from the people’s perspective.
CC Secretary General Suzanne Matale says what people are saying is that they want to participate in the governance of the country.

Reverend Matale has told Qfm News in an interview that this is particularly that governance does not belong to the government and the party in power alone.
She states that the constitution making process should not be a preserve of the government or the ruling party.
Reverend Matale says the PF government should therefore accord the Zambian people the respect they deserve with regards their input in issues of governance.
She says the Council of Churches is saddened that the government is resolved to having its own way with respect to the enactment of the country’s new constitution.
Reverend Matale the CCZ is appealing to the government to reconsider its position for piecemeal amendments to constitution.