Vic Falls hosts ICT summit

Victoria Falls

At least 400 delegates from 50 countries will next week attend the 13th Innovation Africa Digital (IAD) summit in Victoria Falls which is expected to provide solutions to contemporary challenges faced in the information communication technology (ICT) sector, an official said yesterday.


The summit runs from April 14 to 16.

ICT, Postal and Courier Services deputy minister Win Mlambo said representatives include Vice-Presidents, ICT ministers, and chief executives.

Mlambo said the summit to be held under the theme “Affordable Access” will deliberate on how the African continent can tackle the cost of accessing information which does not relate to the disposable income of African citizens.

“For example, Zimbabwe’s access to information and mobile charges are high in comparison to those in the region. This is a matter that the ministry of ICT Postal and Courier Services seeks to address as a matter of urgency as one of its deliverables of the ZimAsset,” Mlambo said.

He added that the summit will offer an opportunity for Zimbabwe to showcase its ICT sector functionality and its cross sector linkages in the economy.

IAD is a conference that is held in Africa every year in partnership with the host government and to date 12 summits have been held so far.

Mlambo said some of the delegates would come from eight non-African nations. The summit is organised by a United Kingdom company, Extensia.

This event has managed to rope in 34 sponsors, he said.

“The summit is a public sphere or a platform where individuals, departments, companies and government representatives from different parts of the world congregate in concert to engage information interchange and comparison of views related to ICT matters,” Mlambo said.

According to the 2015 National Budget, the ICT sector is vibrant and fast growing underpinned by substantial investments in network infrastructure, including expansion of the broadband fibre network, data and Internet expansion. It is expected to grow by 6% in 2015.-Newsday