PF govt cannot heed to advice – Erick Chanda

FOURTH REVOLUTION (4R) president Eric Chanda
FOURTH REVOLUTION (4R) president Eric Chanda

Fourth Revolution President Erick Chanda says Zambians have a golden opportunity to remove the ruling Patriotic Front from office in the 2016 general election for causing so much suffering on the people.

And Mr. Chanda says relevant stakeholders are tired of rendering advice to the PF government which they do not heed.

Mr. Chanda says he will be insulting his intelligence if he continues to advice people who do not have a plan.

Mr. Chanda says President Edgar Lungu and his team have chosen to ignore the advice being given to them by various stakeholders.

Mr. Chanda says government was not going to be struggling to find a lasting solution to the impasse with mining companies over the 2015 mining tax regime if it was listening to the advice of stakeholders.

He says he has no doubt in his mind that the people have made up their minds to remove the PF from office come next year.