Grand Coalition demands update on constitution from Edgar Lungu

President Edgar Lungu
President Edgar Lungu

The Grand Coalition on the Campaign for the People Driven Constitution has asked President Edgar Lungu to update the nation on the progress made on the enactment of the country’s new constitution now that he is back from his state visit from China.

The Grand Coalition is concerned that the constitution making process presently appears to be like water in a pool as it seems not to be going anywhere.

Spokesperson MacDonald Chipenzi says his Coalition wants President Lungu to detail the nation on exactly where the constitution making process is and where it is going.

Mr. Chipenzi has told Qfm News by telephone that the Grand Coalition prefers that the President makes such details public by holding a media briefing.

He says Coalition is also particularly concerned that the President’s zeal to deliver a new people driven constitution seem to have worn out now that he is Head of State compared to how enthusiastic he was during the January 20th presidential election campaigns.

The Grand Coalition chairperson has however cautioned President Lungu to be wary that the constitution making process will continue to deter him from doing his job because people will continue talking and knocking at his door.

He states the President should therefore be mindful that he will have more noise and less time concentration on other issues.

Mr. Chipenzi has advised that this means the earlier the Head of State deals with the issue of the enactment of the people driven constitution the better for him and for the country.


Credit : QFM NEWS