Woman bites friend’s breast, jailed 2 months


A TWENTY-THREE-YEAR-OLD woman of Ndola’s Lubuto township has been sentenced to two months simple imprisonment for biting her friend’s breast after refusing to pay back the money she allegedly stole.
Ndola magistrate Changa Chitabo jailed Helen Nambeya of house number 5916, on Monday, after finding her guilty of assault occasioning actual bodily harm contrary to the Laws of Zambia.
Nambeya assaulted Prudence Chanda by biting her breast on December 24 last year.
“The court is convinced the prosecution has proved their case against you beyond all reasonable doubt. I, therefore, find you guilty as charged and I accordingly convict you.
“I am going to impose a custodial sentence of two months simple imprisonment with effect from the date you were arrested,” Mr Chitabo said.
Mr Chitabo said the case of assault is rife and offenders need to be deterred by imposing custodial sentences.
In mitigation Nambeya appealed to the court for mercy because she has a child to look after and promised not to engage in similar acts.
Nambeya is said to have stolen money from Ms Chanda on Christmas Eve last year during a drinking spree and hid it in the toilet.
The court heard that Ms Chanda confronted Nambeya, who denied stealing the money, and during the encounter the convict bit her friend on the breast.
Nambeya said in her defence that she did not bite Ms Chanda on the breast but only scratched her with fingernails on her face.




  1. Zambian Headlines just, awe kwena “ati Lusaka call boys stripes womems clothes off” now ati women bites friends boobs so what will b next?

  2. you don’t just go biting people’s boobs, not only is it an assault But it’s indecent as well. Those things are very important and there is no justifiable reason to attack a woman’s breasts. bite her leg instead.