FAZ defends Kalusha Bwalya

Kalusha Bwalya Sept 2014
Kalusha Bwalya Sept 2014

The Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) has defended the statement association president Kalusha Bwalya made over the weekend about coach Honour Janza’s ability to handle the national team.
And FAZ has said Janza is still acting national team head coach.
FAZ communications manager Nkweto Tembwe said the statement Kalusha made about Janza was not a vote of no confidence in the trainer.
Kalusha told the delegates during last Saturday’s annual general meeting in Kabwe that the association intends to bring an expatriate coach who will fit the profile of the national team.
“The FAZ technical committee sat and evaluated the performance of the technical bench and decided to bring a foreign coach who will fit the profile of the national team. Janza still needs more training. Let’s not be blind that we need to put a local coach just for the sake of it,” Kalusha said.
But Janza reacted angrily to the statement, which he said was an insult to him.

Tembwe said in a statement released in Lusaka that Janza is still in charge of the Zambia national team as acting head coach.
He said Kalusha’s statement represented the association’s desire to raise the profile of all coaches in the country.
“It is the association’s wish to train all coaches at club and national level so that the standards of football in the country are in line with world best practices.
“Hence the statement about Janza’s qualification over the weekend was not a vote of no confidence on the coach, but rather, an expression by the association of its desire to raise the profile of all the coaches in the country.
“It is also important to note that Janza will also continue as technical director at Football House,” he said
And Tembwe said Janza has expressed his willingness and commitment to serve as requested at any level of Zambian football.
“Coach Janza is currently tasked with the selection of the Zambia national team which will be vying for honours at the 2015 COSAFA tournament to be held in South Africa in May this year,” Tembwe said.


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