PF members face expulsion for opposing Davis Chama

Lusaka PF Cadres Boostele
Lusaka PF Cadres Boostele

CHISHIMBA Kambwili has warned PF youths rising against secretary general Davies Chama that they face expulsion from the party. Kambwili told journalists in Masaiti on Tuesday that PF was not for sale to the highest bidder. “As national youth chairman for PF, I want to warn all those youths in the PF who are being used to rise against the secretary general that we will not hesitate to expel them from the party.

PF is not for sale to the highest bidder,” he warned. Kambwili, who is also chief government spokesperson, said Chama had done nothing wrong for youths to rise against him. I want to appeal to my friend Mr Fube Kelvin Bwalya that if he is the one who is behind those youths, we will not take kindly to his behaviour,” he said. “Because since this issue started, he has not come out in the open to condemn those youths. I challenge him to stand up and condemn those youths so that they can stop the rot.

We are not going to sit idle and watch undisciplined youths rise against leaders in the PF. So I don’t want to hear any nonsense of people rising against the secretary general; I will personally take disciplinary action.” Meanwhile, acting President Inonge Wina expressed concern over the lack of PF representation in Lambaland. Speaking when she called on senior chief Chiwala at his palace in Masaiti,  acting President Wina said Zambia could not be governed by one tribe.

“You may wish to know that the PF has very minimum or very small representation in Lambaland and this is our concern. We feel that the people of this area should be part of the governance system, just as their traditional leaders are part and parcel of the governance system in Zambia,” said acting President Wina. And chief Chiwala threatened to have some PF council officials arrested for allegedly illegally allocating land in his chiefdom. He complained that illegal allocation of land in his chiefdom was detrimental to development. Chief Chiwala said people in the area felt sidelined, hence their voting for the opposition. – See more at:


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