Chinsali District disconnected from Nakonde District

Chinyingi suspension footbridge, Zambia
Chinyingi suspension footbridge, Zambia

ZANIS — A crossing bridge in Chunga area connecting Chinsali with Nakonde district has completely collapsed on Kalungu river cutting off people from accessing social amenities from the two towns.

Mr. Sinyangwe, deputy council mayor, said that the development will pause serious challenges for most grade nine pupils and the general public who use the bridge.

The councillor explained that government through the rural road unit (RRU) had prioritised to work on the damaged bridge but wondered why works to repair the bridge have not commenced.

He said an agricultural extension officer from Musamazi camp was crossing the bridge with a motorbike when it collapsed.

” He could have lost his life as the accident was serious but sustained injuries while the GRZ motorbike also damaged,” Sinyangwe said.

The civic leader said that this is not the only accident to be reported at the crossing point .

Barely two weeks ago, four grade nine pupils also fell in the river after the logs slipped over as they were crossing, he added.

He has since appealed to government through relevant authorities to quickly move in and put up a permanent bridge on the Kalungu River which will connect Chinsali and Nakonde districts from Chunga area.