Kaingu apologises for calling UPND MP a prostitute

LUBEZHI Moono, Kaingu
LUBEZHI Moono, Kaingu

MINISTER of Education, Science, Vocational Training and Early Education Michael Kaingu has apologised to United Party for National Development (UPND) Namwala member of Parliament (MP) Moono Lubezhi for referring to her as ‘Dorika.’
Dr Kaingu said at a press briefing yesterday that he is “sincerely sorry” to Ms Lubezhi for calling her Dorika because he did not know the name is associated with prostitution.
He said he did not call Mr Lubezhi a prostitute as published by The Post and has called on people to ignore the stories the private newspaper is carrying.
“If Dorika has made my colleague feel injured and it means unprintables that we have seen in The Post, I want to totally apologise to my colleague because I did not mean the Dorika that is being portrayed,” Dr Kaingu said.

“If Dorika is associated with prostitution and other unpalatable and unprintable words, I sincerely want to apologise to my friend that I did not mean to injure her,” he said.
Dr Kaingu said he called the Namwala lawmaker Dorika because he has heard other MPs referring to her with the same name.
He said the reference to Ms Lubezhi as Dorika was based on traditional cousinship and he thought it would end there.
Dr Kaingu said he cannot call Ms Lubezhi a prostitute because he does not know her socially and that his relationship with her starts and ends in Parliament.
He said he has never known Ms Lubezhi socially to call her prostitute adding that he has respect for women.
Dr Kaingu said Ms Lubezhi provoked him when she told UPND Kalomo MP Request Muntanga that he already lost his seat in Mwandi by accepting to work with the Patriotic Front (PF).
He said he confronted Ms Lubezhi but he did not call her a prostitute.



  1. It is a mess to have ministers like Kaingu and mulusa and kabwilli ,they don’t understand to be public figure.

  2. Has he been made to apologise or its from heart feeling or remorse? This old man is very childish.

  3. Has he been made to apologise or its from heart feeling or remorse? This old man is very childish.