Inonge Wina condemns sexiest remarks

Inonge Wina
Inonge Wina

Acting President Inonge Wina says any remarks of a sexiest nature are un-acceptable from any source.


Mrs. Wina says government acknowledges the need for full participation of women in the development agenda.


Mrs. Wina says this has been demonstrated through the unprecedented appointment of women in key positions which were traditionally dominated by the male folks.


She appealed to all men and women in the country to set good examples for civility.


Mrs. Wina, who is Republican Vice President, said this in a press statement released to ZANIS in Lusaka this evening by her Senior Private Secretary Sheila Siwela.


Mrs. Wina’s wise counsel follows Education Minister Michael Kaingu who a few days ago allegedly labelled opposition UPND Namwala Member of parliament (MP) Moono Lubezhi a prostitute.


This remark has received wide-spread condemnation from the public, the opposition UPND leadership including other stakeholders saying Zambia was a Christian nation where respect for mankind should be at center stage.


  1. The word ‘sexiest’ instead of ‘sexist’ in the title so adulterates the message so that it calls for the attention of the editor to ensure such glaring typos are avoided!