Govt to establish vocational centres in all districts by 2016


Government says it is determined to establishing youth vocational training centers in all districts in the country by the year 2016.


Kapiri Mposhi District Commissioner Beatrice Sikazwe in her speech ready for her by District Administrative officer, Jackson Mutale said that the Patriotic Front-PF administration is committed to expanding educational facilities and vocational training in order to absorb all the youths in skills training centers.

Mrs. Sikazwe said that government is constructing youth training centers to impart long-life skills so that the youth can became self-employed.


She said that government has realized that youth are faced with a lot of challenges which include unemployment and lack of access to national resources adding that this is why the PF administration is giving out loans and grants to enterprising groups of youths across the country.


She disclosed that government plans to establish a micro-credit financing facility specifically targeting the youths so as to promote youth enterprises development for wealth and employment creation.


She called on the youths in the district to expand their energies and mental efforts on activities that will build them as individuals and ultimately build the nation.


And speaking earlier, a sixteen-year old youth representative,  Chilufya Mulenga bemoaned lack of youth skills training centers and a public library in the district.


Mulenga a grade twelve 12 pupil from Kapiri Mposhi Technical Girls School said that the non availability of a public library and skills training centre in the district is forcing the young people to engage themselves in various negative vices which includes pre-marital sex, alcohol and drug abuse.


And responding to the request by the youths, Kapiri Mposhi District Council Secretary  Hamwende Mpande assured the youths in the district that the local authority has already secured land to construct a public Library.


Mr. Mpande told ZANIS in an interview that the issue of a public library has already been approved by the full council but that the local authority is still scouting for the funds to put up the facility.


He said that the council will use Constituency Development Fund to build a public library if money will not be found.