Mkushi residents want decentralisation of commissions

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A Mkushi resident has complained that many commissions set up to serve Zambians were allegedly ineffective because they were only concentrated in Lusaka.


Bright Mumba, 35, of Itala Township in Mkushi district told the Legal and Justice Sector Reform Commission that there was need to decentralise the operations of the commissions in order to serve the interests of all Zambians.


Mr. Mumba lamented that commissions such as the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) and the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) were mainly concentrated in Lusaka and other cities along the line of rail and provincial centres.


He said there was need to improve service delivery by taking service organisations such as the DEC, ACC and Police Public Complaints Authority closer to the people.


Mr. Mumba also petitioned that the Zambia Police Service should devise modern methods of investigating cases than relying on torture of suspects.


He pointed out that police officers lack adequate and proper training to offer policing services to the general citizens.


Mr. Mumba said it was imperative that police should stop abusing their authority with impunity and taking advantage of the ignorance of the public.