Fr. Frank Bwalya dissolves his party, joins Patriotic Front, PF

Ministers,and other guests taking seats in the VIP tent. In the pictures is Hon. Jean Kapata, Mwenye Musenge, Prof. Wilombe and Hon. Chisala including ABZ Pesident Father Frank Bwalya
Father Frank Bwalya

Alliance for a Better Zambia-ABZ- President Father Frank Bwalya has dissolved his party and joined the ruling Patriotic Front.

Speaking at Press Briefing in Lusaka, Father Bwalya says time has come for Zambians to unite and create a stable political dispensation that promotes socio-economic growth.

He has also urged opposition political parties to embrace the spirit of constructive engagement and peaceful co-existence.

He says Zambians should defend the One Zambia One Nation motto which has helped citizens live in peace.




Fellow Zambians, recently our country has witnessed groups of people uniting for undesirable reasons. We have seen people uniting to defeat the course of justice and trying to get away with crimes against our people. We have seen people that have stolen from the Zambian public uniting to undermine a legitimately constituted government in an effort to wrestle power so that they can continue looting public funds using white collar criminal activities. We have seen people uniting and publicly promoting tribalism. We have also seen an opposition political party uniting with an online publication and social media platforms in scandalizing our beloved Republican President His Excellency Mr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu. Their onslaught has been vicious on issues regarding the health of President Lungu with some comments openly praying for his death. We have seen people uniting and propagating unprecedented hatred and falsehoods. We have also seen business houses uniting and refusing to pay our government what is equitably due to us from the money they make by exploiting our resources.
Fellow Zambians, the scenario outlined above has challenged many well-meaning Zambians including ourselves to unite and defend justice and the common good. Indeed we should unite and defend our values inspired by various religions in our country including Christianity, Islam, Hinduism to mention but a few. Time has come to unite and defend the “One Zambia One Nation” motto which has helped us to live in peace despite being a country of many tribes and languages.
Time has come for all well-meaning Zambians to unite and create a stable political dispensation that promotes socio-economic growth. Time has come for us to unite and champion reforms that should accelerate sustainable development and improve the lives of our people especially vulnerable groups.

Against this background, we have called this press conference to make a landmark pronouncement.
On November 21st 2014 our party addressed a press conference at Ndeke Hotel in Lusaka at which we announced our support for the candidature of the Patriotic Front (PF) candidate Mr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu who is now our 6th Republican President.
Since then our party has developed a solid working relationship with the PF party and its good leader His Excellency Edgar Chagwa Lungu. This relationship which has been characterized by a strong desire for a long term partnership has served as a successful political courtship. Therefore, in the last few days a proposal for marriage was expressed and it was accepted.
As such, we wish to announce the marriage between PF and our party Alliance for a Better Zambia (ABZ). Our marriage is based on the Biblical principle of becoming one flesh. This means that our party will join PF and become one party.
The official welcome of ABZ members led by top leaders will be held at a rally to be addressed by PF senior members in Chawama constituency as part of campaigns for the forthcoming parliamentary by-election.
Having announced our bold decision to unite with PF in a marriage where partners become one flesh, we wish to state our belief that our country needs a stable political leadership as a prerequisite to achieving meaningful development. We need a focused political leadership that spends more resources and time on addressing the challenges that our people face every day.
Of-course, we need a stable political environment that allows the state and concerned sectors to put in place sustainable long term plans to develop our country and alleviate the suffering of our people. As such, we need a strong and confident governing party that should champion development with unquestionable patriotism and determination.
Equally we need a strong and loyal opposition to keep the governing party in check and curb the excesses of those in power. It is therefore our prayer that our colleagues remaining in the opposition will reject politics of confrontation and unnecessary bickering.

We pray that the opposition will embrace the spirit of constructive engagement and peaceful co-existence. They should reject tribalism with its offshoots of hatred and ethnic violence.
It is important for us to state our firm belief that PF, under the democratic and visionary leadership of President Edgar Chagwa Lungu, will offer us an opportunity to satisfy our political aspirations.
Finally we call upon all Zambians to appreciate the new politics of development that President Lungu has introduced in our country. On our part we have decided to support his administration in eradicating poverty and its offshoots of disease, hunger, illiteracy and ignorance.
God has given us abundant resources so let us continue to preserve conditions necessary for us to utilize our resources, develop our country and offer our people a better life.
One Zambia One Nation.
God bless Zambia
I thank you.

Fr. Frank Bwalya


  1. Lazy people who could not work for zambia like our late president Sata, that’s why you did not join- now Lungu is sick and you think kuti wapiana- shame on you Fr bwalya a disgrace to the Catholic family