Zambia to build houses for Late Presidents Frederick Chiluba, Levy Mwanawasa, others

Rupiah Banda talks to Frederick Chiluba
Rupiah Banda talks to Frederick Chiluba

Government says it is still committed to constructing houses for all the former Presidents.

Transport, Works and Supply deputy Minister, Richwell Siamunene says government has identified land for the housing projects.

Mr. Siamunene was responding to Solwezi West Member of Parliament, who wanted to know the progress government has made in identifying land for the construction of residences for all former Presidents.

He says government has acquired land for the housing projects in Lilayi, Silverest and State lodge and works are in progress.

Mr. Siamunene says the house for Late President Frederick Chiluba will be built in Lilayi area while it will be the same for Rupiah Banda.

Meanwhile, Late President Levy Mwanawasa’S house will be constructed in Sylverest area.

He added that Late President Michael Sata’s house will be built in State Lodge area.

Mr. Siamunene has attributed the delay to the construction project to lack of funds.



  1. I hav never supportd this policy bt anyway this is typical of selfishness in zambia.Honestly there re so many zambians out there wallowing in poverty en yet u re there making the rich richer! This is pure hypocricy

  2. Apapena awe batontonkanyepo futi.Those pipo are dead,let’s channel the money to something else.Renovate centres for street children and youth skills projects.

  3. With due respect to our beloved late Presidents ,i does not make sense . Why not build compounds for the poor and name such in their name .those graves ku park fimo fimo are enough .

  4. The idea to former presidents houses was to give them some dicent accomodation when out of office. But when some one dies whilst in office who are you really building the house for. Let us rethink on this issue coz something somewhere is not adding up!

  5. That’s just bullshit they’s a lot that needs attendance stop wasting money on making names

  6. For wat bane?? those guys ‘ families ar already rich,elo ninshi citizen alala mumufolo….Aweh kwena