3 Chinese nationals arrested for cannabis cultivation

cannabis dobo ifyamba ulubangula
cannabis dobo ifyamba ulubangula

he Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) in Lusaka province has arrested and jointly charged three Chinese nationals of Avic Construction International for unlawful cultivation of fresh cannabis plants.


DEC Public Relations Officer Theresa Katongo named the arrested suspects as William Wang, 50, a chief engineer, Yu Wang 26, a foreman and Jings Meu, 24, a construction controller, all of Avic Construction International.


Ms. Katongo told ZANIS in a statement in Lusaka today that the trio was nabbed for unlawfully cultivating fresh cannabis plants weighing 103Kg.


In related but separate incidences, the Commission in Eastern and Central provinces arrested three Tanzanian nationals and a Zambian woman for trafficking in psychotropic substances.


She said Moffat Fanwell Mwanjala, alias Simonga Malumani, 40, a businessman of Mbeya town in Tanzania has been arrested for trafficking in 529 bundles of miraa weighing 111Kg.


She said the suspect was caught at Luangwa Bridge after a trail from Mwami border post.


Ms. Katongo further said the Commission in Central province arrested and jointly charged Hamisi Mbwana, 43, a Tanzanian driver of Dar-es-Salaam, Wassy Magala, 28, a resident of Tunduma in Tanzania and Nelly Tembo, 51 a peasant farmer of Mununga area in Mpika district  for trafficking in loose cannabis weighing 97.6kg.


Meanwhile, the Commission has in other parts of the country arrested 50 people for unlawful cultivation and trafficking in various quantities of cannabis.


Ms. Katongo said among those arrested are Clement Kanyanga, 34, of Kapalasa village in Shibuyanji district for unlawful cultivation of fresh cannabis plants weighing 273.6kg and Bertha Banda, 41, a businesswoman of chief Kalindawalo’s area in Petauke district for trafficking in loose cannabis weighing 21.5kg.


She said also those arrested and jointly charged was Francis Kangwa, 34, a businessman of house number 1204 Nakoli area in Kabwe and a 17 year-old boy of Overspill in Kabwe for trafficking in loose cannabis weighing 69.9Kg


She said all suspects will appear in court soon.


  1. The cultivation will still remain there though you keep on arresting th farmers…coz th same police men are th ones smoking it..

  2. What is it witj these chinese guys anyway? in China, they wud kill u by hanging but in zed, we let them be. sad.