Petitioner calls for castration of defilers

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A Kabwe woman has petitioned the state to castrate people who defile children in addition to the current minimum jail sentence of 15 years with hard labour.


Emeldah Musonda, 25, of New Ngungu Township said the double punishment will address the persistently escalating child defilement cases in the country.


Mrs. Musonda, who has a two year old daughter, told the Justice and Legal Sector Reform Commission led by Frederick Chomba in Kabwe that she felt compelled to make the submission in order to protect her daughter and other girls in the country.


She said defilers have been on rampage despite several convictions and jail sentences.


She noted that the continued cases of defilements despite harsh punishments show that people were not scared and worried about the penalty as stipulated in the law.


Mrs. Musonda however expressed optimism that stiffening the punishment by castrating men who defile children will deter would be offenders.


She regretted that men who are supposed to be protectors of girl children were misusing their god given gift of manhood.


However, Justice Chomba reminded the petitioner that Zambia was a signatory to international conventions that are against torture and inhuman treatment such as castration.


He noted that castration was not the solution of child defilement adding that Zambia should instead explore avenues of reforming defilers.


However, Mrs. Musonda remained resolute by insisting that defiled girl children were subjected to torture and permanent injury.


And speaking at the same public sitting, 32 year old Bwalya Chomba of High Ridge Township in Kabwe challenged government to also punish underage girls that trap and accuse men of defiling them.


Mr. Chomba alleged that several young girls were frequenting bars and public places masquerading as grown up women when in fact they were not adults.


He said it would only be fair justice if and when both are punished as opposed to meting out punishment on men alone.


Mrs. Musonda, together with other petitioners, also submitted that the age at which someone should be considered as an adult be revised to 18 years from the current 16.



  1. Do people really understand what castration is? It does not ‘kill’ the sexual drive which is one of causes that lead to the vice It kills the reproduction system of the male. Castrated men can still defile.