GBM gets US$260,000 Mercedes for birthday from wife, warns Sampa

56th birthday GBM Mercedes Present
56th birthday GBM Mercedes Present

KASAMA Central PF Member of Parliament Geoffrey Mwamba has thanked his wife, Chama, and children for buying him a Mercedes Benz worth US$260,000 for his 56th birthday.

“..Enjoying my birthday in South Africa and I am very grateful to the lord for adding more years to my life as I celebrate my 56th birthday.

I also want to graciously thank my wife and family for this beautiful birthday present.
God bless you all.. “

KASAMA Central PF member of parliament Geoffrey Mwamba has thanked his wife, Chama, and children for buying him a Mercedes Benz worth US$260,000 for his 56th birthday. And Mwamba has warned Kelvin Sampa, a PF member and any other person eying his seat that they will not find it easy to unseat him.  In a telephone interview from Mafokeng, South Africa, where he celebrated his birthday on Sunday, Mwamba said he felt elated by the metallic gift. “…tell those that are parroting about me in my constituency that I am enjoying myself in Mafokeng, at my brother-in-law’s ranch where there is my birthday party celebration,” he said on Sunday. “I have turned 56 and let me take this opportunity to thank my wife and my children for buying me a latest model white Mercedes Benz, at a cost of US$260,000.”  Mwamba said his new car would be based in South Africa since he had moved most of his major businesses to that country.  He said those that thought they could cripple his businesses should feel ashamed that he was doing fine in South Africa. “This new car will be based in South Africa because most of my business operations are now based here. I want to show them that there are some of us with business acumen to make it anywhere in the world,” Mwamba boasted.  “I don’t need government contracts to survive and I will never need them.” Last year in February, Mwamba bought his wife a Range Rover worth US$200,000 as a Valentines gift.  And Mwamba boasted that it would be difficult for Sampa and other competitors to unseat him in Kasama because he enjoyed  massive support from people at the grass roots.  He said he was aware of the schemes that Sampa was undertaking in Kasama. Some pictures have emerged on social media showing PF cadres carrying a mock coffin of the Kasama Central member of parliament. But Mwamba said those behind such schemes were wasting their time. He said Kasama was his home town and people there were waiting for those against him to teach them unforgettable lessons. “Even those sending them to go and make noise when they know that the party president is unwell will live to regret. They are not my match politically or financially,” said Mwamba.  However, Sampa said he supported PF officials that matched against Mwamba because he was also PF.  “I campaigned for President Edgar Lungu in the just ended presidential election and we delivered. The people of Kasama are not interested in Mwamba anymore because he campaigned against the PF, so the protest by the PF was in support of the decision the central committee took against him, and I supported that,” said Sampa. – See more at:


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