Construction of classroom block at Sinantandabale Primary School pleases government

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Construction of classroom block at Sinantandabale Primary School pleases government

Sinazongwe, March 17, ZANIS———Sinazongwe District commissioner, Dodo Sindaza, has expresses gratitude over the construction of a one-by-two classroom block at the cost of K133,000 (one hundred and thirty three thousand Kwacha) by government at Sinantandabale Primary School in the district.

Speaking in an interview with ZANIS after touring the school, Mr.Sindaza said he was impressed with the construction of the classroom block at the learning institution which was lacking modern structures for a conducive learning environment.

He noted that the quality of work displayed by the contractor, Chigayi General Dealers, matched the standards set by Government in the Ministry of Education.

Mr Sindaza said there were few cases in the District where local contractors undertook projects of this nature with quality work,standards and within time frame given.

He challenged other local contractors to emulate Chigayi General Dealers in delivering quality construction works in order for them to contribute effectively towards infrastructural development not only in Sinazongwe district but Southern Province and the nation at large.

Mr Sindaza was further impressed with the commitment and dedication of the Parents Teachers Association (PTA) and members of the surrounding community for building the first permanent structure    at Sinantandabale Primary School.

He urged them to continue with the same spirit as the school still required further developments in order to improve the learning environment for the pupils.

Meanwhile, school PTA chairman, Bernard Sialukowa, has appealed for more support from government through the Ministry of Education to provide the institution with a bore hole, construction of staff houses and connection of electricity to the infrastructure.

Mr. Sialukowa told ZANIS in an interview that the school PTA was more than ready to contribute by way of mobilising upfront materials.

And school head teacher, Steady Muchindu, said in an interview that the school was also facing the challenge of staff shortage as there was only one trained teacher at the institution while five others were untrained teachers from within surrounding community.

Mr Muchindu called on government to consider deploying more trained teachers to the school in order to enhance delivery of quality education to the learners.

He also appealed to government to further consider provision of adequate desks to be placed in the newly -constructed classrooms once handed over by the contractor soon after completion.