SDA church ‘elder’ fined K10,000 fine for committing adultery

Court divorce 2014
Court divorce 2014

A SEVENTH-Day Adventist (SDA) church ‘elder’ has been slapped with a K10,000 fine for committing adultery with another man’s wife.
The court has also ordered his lover to pay her husband K5,000 as compensation for committing adultery.
Matero Local Court justice Lewis Mumba talked tough when he told the woman, “Ndiwe hule [you are a prostitute],” as the gallery clapped in approval.
This was in a case in which Dan Sikazwe, 34, of 10 miles sued Aubrey Muleya, 35, of Nine Miles for compensation for adultery.
But Muleya denied being a church elder.
Before Justice Mumba and Petronella Kalyelye, Sikazwe said his wife Brenda Chipuma used to congregate at another church but later moved to the SDA church where Muleya is allegedly an elder.
“One day, Muleya called my wife around 22:00hours. When I asked, she said he was her baptism teacher,” Sikazwe said in apparent anger.
With time, Sikazwe said he noticed whenever he quarrelled with Chipuma, Muleya would pick her up in his canter and take her to her parents’ home.
Sikazwe said Muleya was the one who took her to her mother’s place when she decided to move in with her (Chipuma’s) mother when the latter fell ill; a situation he said he was not bothered about at the time as had no cause yet to doubt his wife.

“But when I went to visit Chipuma at her mother’s place, I was told she had moved into a place of her own. I followed her and asked why she was staying on her own and she told to me her family did not want us be together.
“While we were still discussing, one of our children told me that the elder with a canter spends nights with them at Chipuma’s place. The children also said Muleya had told them he was their father,” he said.
Infuriated, Sikazwe called Muleya to find out what was happening but he (Muleya) got upset and accused him (Sikazwe) of tarnishing his image as church elder.
Sikazwe said he later went to Chipuma’s house at night and hid among some plants until he heard his wife inviting the ‘elder’.
“I got a torch shone it through the window and saw a heap covered by a blanket. I made noise and from under the blankets came Muleya with my wife. I ordered him to open the door. But he went and crouched in a corner. He said, okay, apa wanigwila (this time, you have caught me).
I got Muleya’s clothes and sandals to use as exhibit in court,” he said.
And an unperturbed Muleya said he met Chipuma on the street and proposed to her. He said she agreed but never said she was married.
“I can even marry up to four women if I want. When she accepted my proposal, I rented a house for her and began to pay her children’s schools fees,” he said.

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