Nkoya people reject ‘self-appointed’ sub-chief Afumba

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Nkoya people reject ‘self-appointed’ sub-chief Afumba

Luampa, March 16, ZANIS——–Nkoya speaking people in Luampa district’s Mwangalesha in Western Province have rejected Sub-chief Afumba alleging that he is a self-appointed traditional leader.

This came to light during Luampa District Commissioner’s meeting with Mwangalesha residents at Mwangalesha Primary School today.

The residents have accused Afumba of taking advantage of the new district to elevate himself to the status of a Sub-chief.

The residents told the District Commissioner that they will boycott taking National Registration Cards (NRC) because they do not want to
see Sub-chief Afumba’s name on their NRCs.

And Sub-chief Kambangu told the gathering that Afumba’s father was just a mere court massager for the Litunga who asked for a piece of
land to settle in Mwangalashe in the 1950s.

"We do not want Afumba; he is not a chief therefore, we ask you, District Commissioner, to have this man removed on our NRCs," Sub-chief
Kambangu said.

He said people in Lenvu, Likupekupe, Nambangu, Shikela and Shimayomeka villages are dismayed to see Afumba’s name on their children’s NRCs.

He added that the only true and recognised sub-chiefs in the area are Sub-chief Kambangu and Shakalongo.

And Luampa District Commissioner, Alfred Miyato, told the resident that he has no powers to recognise chiefs.

Mr Miyato said the only appointing authority for chiefs in Western province is the Litunga.

However, he promised the people of Mwangalesha that he will convey the message to relevant authorities.