Employee faces dismissal after resisting sexual advances from boss

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—–A 17-year-old Zambian female employee at a Chinese construction company in Serenje district is living in fear of losing her job for refusing to have sex with her Chinese superior.

In an interview with ZANIS, Caren Mupeta, a cook at Datong Construction Limited, a company contracted to build a police complex in Serenje district, alleged that her supervisor, only known as Mr Tu, has been threatening to dismiss her for refusing to have sex with him.

Ms Mupeta alleged that Mr Tu, a site manager at Datong Construction Limited in Serenje, has continued making sexual advances at her despite her telling him that she would report him to police.

“He has been wanting to have sex with me but because I have been refusing he has been threatening to fire me if I persist denying him what he wants,” Mupeta said.

Ms Mupeta, who is an orphan, said she joined the construction company in February to raise money for school.

The 17 year old employee, who stopped out of school in Grade Nine, appealed to government to help her go back to school.

She said she stopped school in 2011 after qualifying for Grade 10 but due to lack of someone to sponsor her, she could not continue.

But Mr Tu refused to comment over the matter as he walked out of this reporter while covering his face with his shirt for fear of being photographed.

“Me no talk! Me no talk!’ ” said Mr Tu as he walked away hiding his face.

Mr Tu was later spotted by this reporter yelling at Mupeta and when asked what the Chinese national was telling her, Mupeta said Mr Tu was angry with her for revealing the matter to the reporter.

Ms Mupeta said her superior told her that he will dismiss her today after paying her dues.

Meanwhile, Serenje District Labour Officer, Raveta Mtonga, said her office will follow up the matter and if it is found that there is a case, her office will ensure that the victim’s job is protected.

“That is sexual harassment. If it is investigated and found out that there is a case as a Labour office we will ensure her job is secure and see to it that the culprit is dealt with by the law,” Ms Mtonga said.


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