Crocs terrorise Chadiza

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—-Crocodiles are reportedly terrorising residents of Chanjowe Ward in Chadiza district.


Area Ward Councillor, Isaac Phiri, said the population of the reptiles, which are usually found in Nsadzu River, has increased and that the crocs were now straying around small streams.


Mr Phiri said the most infested stream was Kapundi, which is a tributary of Nsadzu River.


He said people were leaving in fear because the Kapundi Stream is their source of livelihood as it is where they draw their water for drinking and washing from.


 Mr Phiri said so far eight dogs and three pigs have been caught by the crocodiles in Kapundi Stream.


The councillor has since appealed to the Zambia Wild Life Authority (ZAWA) to quickly rush to the area and crop the reptiles before they cause more havoc.