Millers urged to reduce maize bran price

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The Stock Feed Exporters and Importers Association of Zambia has called on millers in the country to reduce the price of maize bran.

Association Executive Director Elisha Chipeu said the high cost of the maize bran has necessitated the increase in the price of poultry feed which has subsequently pushed up the price of chickens in the country.

Mr. Chipeu told the Zambia New and Information Services (ZANIS) in Lusaka today that traders have been left without choice but to raise
the price of chickens.

He said currently the maize bran costs K700 per tonne, the development that has made the price of chicken to rise beyond the reach of many

Mr. Chipeu has since appealed to millers to instead reduce the price of maize bran to between K600 and K630 per tonne.

He has meanwhile bemoaned the fluctuating price of maize.

He added that millers were exporting the commodity thereby creating a shortage in the country.