Dad arrested for abandoning albino toddler


A LUSAKA man has been arrested for abandoning his two-year-old baby boy for over two weeks on account that the toddler is an albino.
The baby who is currently at a shelter for safety, had been abandoned by both his mother and father.
But police have managed to apprehend his father Jacob Chilembo while his wife was still on the run.
Police spokesperson Charity Chanda said in an interview yesterday that Mr Chilembo of Lusaka’s Kalundu Township was still detained at a police post within Lusaka.

Ms Chanda said Mr Chilembo was charged with child negligence and failing to render and provide necessities for the child.
“This matter has been on going and today I can confirm that the baby’s father was apprehended two days ago, while the mother is still on the run.
“We were informed that she was spotted somewhere and officers rushed there but when they got to the place they discovered that she had left the place,” Ms Chanda said.
The case was reported by the couple’s neighbours to Lusaka’s Ng’ombe Clinic where staff decided to report the matter to the police.
Ms Chanda said neighbours complained that they were alarmed with the continuous cry of the baby until they decided to check on him each time they heard him crying.
The neighbours later discovered that the baby was left alone in the house.
“So on this particular day, they heard the baby crying for a long time and they rushed there, they found the baby very weak and decided to cook food for him before taking him to Ng’ombe clinic for a checkup,” she said.