Traditional games valuable tourism

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Traditional games valuable tourism

Lusaka, 12th March 2014, ZANIS—–-Government says it intends to transform various cultural practices into viable tourism products for the country.


ZANIS reports that Lusaka District Commissioner Davison Mulenga said this when he officiated at the Lusaka District Youth traditional games festival  which was part of the youth day celebrations at the Olympic Youth Development Centre in Lusaka today.


Mr. Mulenga said that the cultural practices were capable of creating wealth and jobs for the Zambian citizens.


He has therefore called on institutions of learning to introduce indigenous games as part of recreational programs for students.


Mr. Mulenga further said that there is need for the local authorities to re-introduce the community welfare centres which will provide recreation spaces for youths who often resort to bad practices such as alcohol abuse, premarital sex and other vices due to lack of suitable leisure facilities.


Mr. Mulenga also emphasized that the indigenous games play a valuable and significant role in the mental development and growth of society from childhood to adulthood.


He also said that the games provide avenues for information sharing , knowledge preservation , discipline , value assimilation and integration.


Speaking at the same event District Arts and Cultural Officer Kandai Chilongo said that traditional games were an integral part of the preservation of traditional values, norms and culture in the country.


And speaking on behalf of the District Education Board Secretary, District Standards Officer Oliver Kambuli encouraged teachers in schools to ensure that the skills learnt from traditional games are passed on to the pupils .


Mr. Kambuli noted that modern children only play imported games from western countries and watch similar movies forgetting about their own traditional games that would help preserve the Zambian culture.


Meanwhile, Unilever,  which sponsored the event took advantage to award pupils from both primary and secondary schools as well as schools that participated and won in the Blue band growth challenge.


The Traditional games which were organized by the District Arts and Culture department were part of the Youth day celebrations being commemorated under the theme” The youth, building a stable and sustainable future”.