3)–Typhoid kills one person in Chembe

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– Minister of Education Michael Kaingu has launched  the Education Services Medical and Education Aid Needs Scheme in Zambia under the auspices of the International Fund for Healthcare and Education Services (IFHCES)


Mr Kaingu said it has been government’s focus to ensure that all children of school going age access education especially the disadvantaged.


He encouraged the move saying it was welcome and long overdue.


Mr. Kaingu also said it was government’s desire to see to it that there is a diversified curriculum that will allow students pursue both academic and vocational paths.


He urged Zambians to take advantage of the initiatives so that they benefit from the scholarship scheme being implemented by the organisation.


He advised beneficiaries to work hard and ensure they also come up with similar interventions to help others in the future.


Meanwhile, President of the Initiative, Tressford Chomba said he was more than confident that they will achieve the objective of the scheme.


Mr Chomba said that an independent board will be created for private Universities with students who represent their particular university so that transparency and accountability is achieved.


He encouraged stakeholders to invest in students so that the country develops using local investors.


Mr. Chomba however advised students to engage government in problems they face in their particular institutions instead of breaking innocent people’s cars.


A draft Memorandum of Understanding between IFHCES and Ministry of Education has since been drafted and is awaiting action by the Ministry.