ZEMA educates agro-dealers, farmers of chemical handling

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The Zambia Environmental Management Agency (ZEMA) is concerned with the handling and use of agro-chemicals in the country.

ZEMA Principal Inspector David Kapindula said there was therefore need to equip Agro-dealers and farmers with information on agrochemical knowledge and safe handling and disposal practices.

Mr. Kapindula said this was why ZEMA decided to hold a foundation workshop for the chemical safety capacity building and certification of agrochemicals dealers’ project in Lusaka.

He said the agency was working in collaboration with Musika Development Initiatives Zambia Limited and CropLife Zambia to enhance the effectiveness of the project.

Mr. Kapindula added that the project was to develop systems of policing and monitoring agro-dealers on illegal and counterfeit agrochemicals as well as developing a data base for certified agro dealers in the country.

Meanwhile, Musika Managing Director Reuben Banda said the project will assist in creating awareness on the safe use and disposal of agrochemicals.

He added that the training will not only raise awareness but also help agro-dealers to pass on the information to their clients most of whom are small-scale farmers. 

Mr. Banda added that it was important that the right information was given to farmers so as to ensure that all aspects involved from research level to disposal of pesticide containers were well handled.